Server side

The TD Encrypt Enterprise Server can manage users and workstations together or independently. Activation, and changes to security policy, software feature-set, encryption keys and endpoint status are all handled securely through the cloud, keeping the most high-risk endpoints under close control at all times. Extending a security policy beyond the perimeter of the network is a necessity with remote workers, and only TD Encrypt offers full control wherever users are.


Remote central management

Manage any user or workstation with a standard Internet connection. All commands, updates, status requests and responses posted via the TD Encrypt Enterprise Proxy. No dependency on Microsoft Active Directory® or any existing server architecture installation. Secure connectivity allows control of endpoint encryption keys, security policy and software features inside and outside the existing security perimeter.

Encryption key management

Patent-pending technology (U.S. Patent Application No: 13/297.547). Add or remove up to 64 encryption keys per user. Change the encryption policy remotely and silently, without user interaction.

Enterprise server proxy

All connections from client and server are outgoing. SSL-encrypted connections transmit data, which is encrypted using either RSA or AES cipher.No need to purchase an SSL certificate and additional hardware; no network or firewall changes required.